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We are Jike Games,We Create Fun Things!

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《墙裂要球》,已在PICO、Quest App Lab、YVR、QIYU发布。

Smash Walls: RogueBall, You can play our games on PICO, Quest App Lab, YVR and QIYU.


“Smash Walls: RogueBall” is a game that lets you pick up your racket and hit the ball with passion. Keep clearing stages by smashing walls and win high scores! Each game has various random element, and you can use different combinations of racquets and balls to start your wall-smashing challenge. Now features MR mode, swing the racket anytime anywhere!

App Lab: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/quest/5790217204396296/

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WeChat: sanshi5193

Mail: laurenqie@iftech.io